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We live in a complex and competitive business environment, where great leadership is expected and is now critical for organisational success. As an experienced Senior Leader who has worked in successful STEM related multi national businesses, Allana Brown understands technically minded leaders and works with clients in this field, to develop their talent strategies, to raise their profiles as employers of choice and to build outcome orientated programs to develop diverse leadership talent pipelines. As well as designing & delivering training events, the consultancy focuses on building programs to develop leadership capabilities and confidence, raising leaders visibility, building their personal branding, and identifying the habits that hold them back from further career success. The programs are all outcome driven, holding accountability to developing the capability gaps identified and supporting the leaders to achieve optimal performance to rise and reach great heights. The consultancy and development programs are run virtually and for a global audience.

The consultancy focuses on:
  • Building Executive Leadership Team Capabilities
  • Females in STEM Attraction, Development and Retention Programmes
  • Change Management Training to Support Business Excellence Sustainability
  • Virtual Training on Raising Visibility & Improving Executive Presence

Consultancy Service Areas

STEM Industry Female Leadership Development

Benefits: We are living in a world where the economy will continue to be very reliant on STEM related businesses. It is critical for companies in this field, to ensure that they are attracting, developing and retaining the very best diverse STEM talent.

Allana Brown Consultancy designs programs for progressive companies that want to attract and then support their female business leaders to increase their influence, drive performance and be impactful to progress within their organisations. These programs are designed to develop outstanding female STEM leaders to rise, with components focusing on the technical and leadership aspects of how to be a successful female leader in a STEM related industry.

Other benefits include:

  • Demonstration of the organisations commitment to STEM female talent development & retention.
  • Development of STEM Female Role Models for the future.
  • Enhancement of goals and action planning to help participants navigate future career success as an impactful leader.

Executive Leadership Capabilities Development

Benefits: Executive Leaders are seen a authentic, inspirational, innovative and drive for successful performance outcomes. The key indicator of being able to perform successfully at this level, is having great Emotional Intelligence. (EI)

EI is a set of emotional and social skills that collectively establish how well we:

  • Perceive and express ourselves
  • Develop and maintain social relationships
  • Cope with challenges
  • Use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way

      Participants attend a meeting to understand their career aspirations, complete a Leadership survey and then attend a confidential 1:1 feedback session with an accredited EQ-I coach.

      During the call the participants will:
    • Review their 27 page leadership EQ-I report & understand any derailers.
    • Discuss their strengths and development opportunity areas and develop their action plan.
    • They then will attend accountability sessions, to review progress and to further define strategies to support the achievement of the required capabilities being developed.

Strategy & Change Planning

Benefits: Leading through change can be a new and daunting task. By engaging Allana Brown Consultancy, leaders will build their confidence and have a step by step approach to successfully lead through the change and engage their teams through the transition. Having an independent facilitator makes the process easier by helping the team get to consensual business solutions. These programmes support companies on their Business Excellence journey to reach sustainability for the change they are implementing.

Working with leadership teams and functional leaders that want to transition from being reactive to proactive and take the initiative to plan for a successful future, Allana Brown Consultancy will support them by providing a framework to:

  • Put a future strategy in place (this could be for business growth or business survival).
  • Create an implementation plan with key milestones to navigate the changes.
  • Support the team to stay on track and check attainment of the plan.
  • Coach leaders to prepare for the change and confidentially communicate the plan to stakeholders.
  • Train Leaders on how to master the human side of change, and how to overcome resistance to expedite implementation.

Personal Branding & Executive Presence

Benefits: We often are so busy focusing on building our credibility that we forget to raise our visibility within our organisations. This is critically important now, when working remotely and is a key input for career success.

  • This virtual training helps teams to understand the importance of maintaining visibility & the key components of executive presence, as well as knowing their individual personal branding, crucial to building their value proposition to raise career profiles.

  • This training is an ideal way to support a team to elevate their leadership habits, to help get them noticed for all the right reasons.

About Allana Brown/Testimonials

Allana Brown is a trusted Human Resources and Change Management Leader with over 20 years business experience, mostly within Multi-National Supply Chain Organisations. She now develops and runs training programs globally and mentors business owners and leaders to reach their full potential. She is a Business Studies honours graduate of the University of Limerick and has also participated in leadership programs in conjunction with Cape Town University Business School in South Africa and Cornell University in North America. She is also an accredited Emotional Intelligence (EQ-I 2.0/EQ-I 360) survey administrator and coach.

Prior to setting up her own business, she was a global senior leader and has worked for well recognised organisations in banking, telecommunication, automotive, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and retail, including Johnson and Johnson & Allied Irish Bank. In her roles, she partnered with executives to maximise the value of their businesses and functions, through facilitating the creation and deployment of strategies for successful change projects, organisation redesigns and leadership development, relating to start-ups, downsizing, acquisitions and divestitures.

Allana is passionate about supporting female leadership development through the creation of female focused training and mentoring programs and due to her vast experience in Supply Chain, is recognised for her creation of Female STEM Development programmes. She also supports companies diversity and inclusion initiatives through the delivery of her female leadership talks and workshop series.


1. Donal Moloney, Senior Supply Planning Director, DePuy Synthes, Johnson & Johnson. “Allana recently provided Leadership training for 30 Supply Chain Managers within my organisation across a number of Global Locations. The training focused on a number of critical areas.

a. Getting to know thyself; This was conducted through a detailed EQI, Emotional Intelligence Assessment followed by one to one coaching sessions on the observations with each manager.

b. Training the managers on Change Management skills that were critically applicable at a Local, Regional and Global level; This was conducted through a skills assessment, live practice and feedback.

The subsequent feedback from the managers was excellent as they outlined that the training addressed their own specific gaps rather than being a generic delivery. The reason for this was the detailed preparation and assessments ensured that their own personal areas for learning were identified and were also supported by the provision of very practical tools and additional reading materials. All candidates subsequently demonstrated how they were able to apply the new skills within their respective environments.”

2. STEM Female Leadership Coaching - Senior Engineering Manager. "I worked with Allana during my maternity leave to prepare for returning to a new position. After an extended period out of the work place, Allana helped me to re-build my confidence and helped me to focus on my achievements. She helped me to understand that the break in my career wasn’t a negative and that I still had a successful career in front of me. I also felt valued by my company and as a result I feel much more supported returning to work and I’m excited to jump into my new role."

3. Jim Molony, Head of Engineering, enet. “With a recent change in the senior management team in my organisation, it was deemed appropriate timing to seek consultancy on strategy and leadership development training. Although sceptical at first, it quickly became apparent the benefits Allana brought to the initiative, through her extensive experience and personable approach to ensure full engagement from the team. From a personal perspective, Allana has given me a number of insights on how I engage through all levels in the organisation that I still use on a daily basis, and some I’ve even taken home! Would strongly recommend Allana and would hope to have further engagements in the future."

4. Catherine Cooney, Deputy Principal, St. John's Central College Cork. “We were delighted to have Allana on board to work with our management teams. Her facilitation style is extremely engaging and she has a powerful insight into building capacity within teams and change management. The team building activities were fun and helped people to open up and share ideas.”

Contact Details

Charleston Quay House, Bailick Road,
Midleton, Co. Cork, Ireland.