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We live in a complex and competitive business environment, where great leadership is expected and is now critical for organisational success. Allana Brown works with multinational companies, to develop strategies and programs to enable leadership excellence at all levels with their organisation. Supporting these businesses to develop leaders that will deliver exceptional performance and results.

The consultancy focus on raising awareness of what leadership competencies are required to be successful at the different levels of leadership, how to build and enhance these competencies & then maximise their utilisation for career and business success.

Programs are designed and run based on company needs, for all levels of leaders within a team or high potential employees aspiring to leadership roles. The programs are outcomes driven, holding accountability to developing the capability gaps identified and supporting the leaders to achieve the capabilities to be developed. The programs are run virtually and are suitable for a site or global audience.

The consultancy focuses on "All Things Corporate Leadership", the main areas include:
  • Leadership Competency Awareness Training
  • Leadership & Executive Coaching
  • Leadership & Change Consultancy
  • Leadership Keynote Speaking

Consultancy Service Areas

Leadership Competency Awareness Training

Great leadership is required for business success and can also be a competitive advantage. How can organization's maximize the full potential of all of their leaders? The answer may seem simple, but the first step it is to teach leaders what exceptional leadership looks like for each level of leadership responsibility from team leader, to manager, director and above. To help provide insights into the key competencies required to be an exceptional leader & the leadership habits that support & detract from success. The training provided by Allana Brown Consultancy ultimately builds awareness. When we know what good looks like, we can assess how we compare, and then build a plan to address the gaps.

Training Programs Include:

  • Understanding the Habits of Successful Leaders in Multinational Companies
  • How to be a Leadership Role Model & Maximise Your Executive Presence
  • Mastering Leading Remotely & Maximising Virtual Team Participation
  • How to Master Stakeholder Management To Support Business Success
  • Understanding the Role of Emotional Intelligence For Exceptional Leadership
  • How to Leverage the Cognitive Diversity of Introvert & Extrovert Employees

Leadership & Executive Coaching Programs

Allana Brown Consultancy designs both structured team development programs and bespoke programs for organisations. The consultancy is recognised for designing strategies that go beyond the traditional coaching model. The sessions are designed for the individual needs of each leader, to help them understand and build the competencies required to maximise performance and root cause any habits holding them back. These session are not just about talking, but are more about doing!

The Programs Include:

  • Assessment of Leadership Competencies.
  • Root causing competency gaps and creation of an action plan to address them.
  • 1:1 strategy sessions on topics like building the leaders personal brand, stakeholder and career mapping for next internal role identification, and other tools and techniques to support the attainment of the plan.
  • Coaching and accountability sessions to review progress.

Leading Through Change Consultancy

Leading through change can be a daunting task. By engaging Allana Brown Consultancy, leaders will build their confidence and have a step by step approach to successfully lead through the change and engage their teams through the transition. These programmes support companies on their Business Excellence journey to reach sustainability for the change they are implementing.

Working with leadership teams and functional leaders that want to transition from being reactive to proactive and take the initiative to plan for a successful future, Allana Brown Consultancy will support them by providing a framework to:

  • Put a future strategy in place (this could be for business growth or business survival).
  • Create an implementation plan with key milestones to navigate the changes.
  • Support the team to stay on track and check attainment of the plan.
  • Coach leaders to prepare for the change and confidentially communicate the plan to stakeholders.
  • Train Leaders on how to master the human side of change, and how to overcome resistance to expedite implementation.

Leadership Keynote Speaking

Being a leader is difficult. We often need people to encourage, motivate and inspire us to continue on our journey of success. Allana Brown is passionate about supporting the development of leaders and delivers keynote speeches about leadership at webinars, conferences, and events to support leaders to build confidence, maximise their value proposition and deliver exceptional performance.

Recent Speaking Engagements Include:

  • Network Cork - "Bouncing Back - Focusing on Business Recovery" (Apr '20)
  • ISPE Women in Pharma - "Building Personal Branding & Executive Presence" (Jul '20)
  • SEACAD/Ballyhoura Development Women Rural Entrepreneurial Network - "Maintaining your Motivation & Momentum in Your Business During The Restrictions" (Nov '20)
  • Network Cork - "Future Proofing Your Career" (Feb '21)
  • RebelCon -"Finding Your Inner Rebel" Women in Software Event. (Feb '21)

About Allana Brown/Testimonials

Allana Brown is a trusted Global Corporate Leadership Development Consultant. She has spent her career working for multinational organizations, where she partnered with senior executives across the globe, to support them and their teams to maximise performance and the value of their businesses and functions. She has over 25 years business experiences and has held senior roles with global responsibility in human resources and business strategy. She is a Business Studies honours graduate of the University of Limerick and has also participated in leadership programs in conjunction with Cape Town University Business School in South Africa and Cornell University in North America. She is also an accredited Emotional Intelligence (EQ-I 2.0/EQ-I 360) survey administrator and coach.

Prior to setting up her own business, she was a global leader and has worked for well recognised organisations in banking, telecommunication, automotive, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and retail, including Johnson and Johnson & Allied Irish Bank . In her roles, she has recruited and developed leaders across the globe. She has partnered with senior leaders with multi million euro/dollar responsibilities to deliver exceptional business performance, through facilitating the creation and deployment of strategies for successful change projects, organisation redesigns, and multi million dollar project management, relating to start-ups, downsizing, acquisitions and divestitures.

Allana is recognised for supporting the development of diverse leaders, and sees diversity as a major success factor for any business or industry. She volunteers her time as a committee member of Network Cork Ireland, a network that supports the professional and personal development of women in business.


1. "2020 Global Leadership Coaching Program" Life Sciences Multinational Organisation Participants Feedback.

• "Great program to help all team members develop. I feel the program has made me step back and think where can I add more value for the organisation and has also helped us work closer as a team."

• "Really enjoyed the program. Really insightful & through the coaching really got to the root of the habits to work on. The regular checks ins were spaced out nicely and allowed the time to work on the items, but Allana also held the accountability. Would like more sessions into the future.

• “This program has built my leadership confidence. Allana helped me to know myself and developed my skills and set me up to thrive. This program is the best thing I have done in a long time."

• "This program was so important for me as I took on my first managerial role and was a great support in helping me gain confidence in my role. I think every new manager could do with the support of this program. I loved that it took place over 12 months and think regular check in's are key."

2. Frances Doyle, Development Officer, SEACAD. Allana had a deep impact on the group of females entrepreneurs from the SECAD/Ballyhoura WREN programme, when she kindly agreed to share her skills, experiences and the passion she feels in support of females in business at our networking event in November 2020. The vast experience Allana has gained while working in the corporate world as well as setting up her own business, ensured the females present received, motivation, encouragement, expert knowledge as well as kindness during the session. Examples of feedback from the group was as follows:

• “Certainly Allana has brought the vision of “ if you see it, you can be it” to life for me, she is an inspiration to all females in business"

• “Her down to earth approach allowed me to identify with a lot of what Allana has experienced in business , giving me confidence that I am on the right track, its not always easy, but so worthwhile when goals achieved ”

3. Donal Moloney, Senior Supply Planning Director, DePuy Synthes, Johnson & Johnson. “Allana provided Leadership training for 30 Supply Chain Managers within my organisation across a number of Global Locations. The training focused on a number of critical areas.

a. Getting to know thyself; This was conducted through a detailed EQI, Emotional Intelligence Assessment followed by one to one coaching sessions on the observations with each manager.

b. Training the managers on Change Management skills that were critically applicable at a Local, Regional and Global level; This was conducted through a skills assessment, live practice and feedback.

The subsequent feedback from the managers was excellent as they outlined that the training addressed their own specific gaps rather than being a generic delivery. The reason for this was the detailed preparation and assessments ensured that their own personal areas for learning were identified and were also supported by the provision of very practical tools and additional reading materials. All candidates subsequently demonstrated how they were able to apply the new skills within their respective environments.”

4. STEM Female Leadership Coaching - Senior Engineering Manager. "I worked with Allana during my maternity leave to prepare for returning to a new position. After an extended period out of the work place, Allana helped me to re-build my confidence and helped me to focus on my achievements. She helped me to understand that the break in my career wasn’t a negative and that I still had a successful career in front of me. I also felt valued by my company and as a result I feel much more supported returning to work and I’m excited to jump into my new role."

5. Jim Molony, Head of Engineering, enet. “With a change in the senior management team in my organisation, it was deemed appropriate timing to seek consultancy on strategy and leadership development training. Although sceptical at first, it quickly became apparent the benefits Allana brought to the initiative, through her extensive experience and personable approach to ensure full engagement from the team. From a personal perspective, Allana has given me a number of insights on how I engage through all levels in the organisation that I still use on a daily basis, and some I’ve even taken home! Would strongly recommend Allana and would hope to have further engagements in the future."

6. Catherine Cooney, Deputy Principal, St. John's Central College Cork. “We were delighted to have Allana on board to work with our management teams. Her facilitation style is extremely engaging and she has a powerful insight into building capacity within teams and change management. The team building activities were fun and helped people to open up and share ideas.”

Contact Details

Charleston Quay House, Bailick Road,
Midleton, Co. Cork, Ireland.